My Top Ten Cringe-worthy LDS Book Covers

I'm not sure why LDS books are such magnets for ugly book cover art...

But for as long as they are...

...I'll be here to talk about 'em!

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  1. Interesting videos. As one who has put thought into book cover design in anticipation of releasing a book, I recognize exactly what you're saying about the cringe-worthy covers. Many of them are dated and could use a re-design. But some of them have to do with topics that are pretty abstract. "Faith precedes the Miracle" is one example. The desert scene may be asking viewers to think of the scripture of the desert blossoming as a rose in response to the living water.
    Or what do you imagine would be a better cover for "The Great Apostasy"? That's another tricky abstract one. I think the colors were a calculated choice to express the descent into darkness. I think it was the best it could be at the time. Perhaps a clever designer could come up with something better these days.


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