Receiving the Endowment

I went through the temple to receive my endowment a few weeks ago. It was the most beautifully profound, the most peaceful experience of my life. I was comfortable and prepared for what I saw and the promises I made. It was a simple, yet powerful display of truths I've been taught and have been living for many years. Years of scripture study, fervent prayers, and teaching from the Holy Ghost came together before my eyes. I could see plainly that in every blessing and hardship, the Lord had been leading me to this beautiful place.

In the Celestial Room, I felt at home. I had no questions. I needed no answers, no visions, no voices from heaven or signs from the earth. All was still and quiet, and I was at peace with everything--including myself. In the silence, I was healed and blessed by God. All my problems became weightless, and I felt a quiet triumph as many years of waiting were finally lain to rest.

Not everyone has that experience. For some, the covenants and symbolism of the temple ceremonies are strange and unfamiliar territory. I've watched as dozens of my friends and associates have gone through the temple before me and come out staggering, claiming the only thing they learned was how much they didn't understand. Even after a lifetime of reading scriptures, going to Church, and going through standard temple prep classes, the ordinances can still seem strange and confusing.

So, I'm using this post as a temple preparation playlist. Below are a compilation of talks, scriptures, and other odds and ends which explain the doctrines of the temple. I've also included talks that explain the history of the ceremonies. Some of the talks I've included do not clarify ordinances directly, but they explain aspects of the covenants associated with the ordinances--thereby making the covenants easier to keep.

If you have suggestions for talks or addresses to add, feel free to leave them in the comments.



I haven't as of yet experienced the sealing ordinances, so I'll have to redo this list after I have that experience. It'll be interesting to see what I add to it once I've been through it myself. In the meantime, here's my list:


I know the temple is the House of the Lord, and I'm grateful for my opportunity to go there. There is no better place in the world to be because the Lord is there. I know that as we prepare ourselves to go there in soberness and with quiet and reverent joy, we will be blessed with the Holy Ghost and the revelation he brings. Our spiritual strength will increase, and we will have greater happiness and faith in our lives than we have yet experienced.

I love the temple, I love the Lord, and I love the covenants I've made with Him. I share that testimony in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen


    1. You know you can go do seaings now even though you aren't married, right?

    2. Yes. There seems to be this unspoken tendency in young, newly endowed people to avoid it because they aren't married. Even once they realize they can go, they choose not to go because they want the first time they experience a sealing to be their own. I've met quite a few, and before then I honestly thought it was a bunch of poppycock. But my sweetheart is one of those people., and even though he says he wouldn't mind if I went beforehand, I don't know that I believe it. So I'm still deciding if I'm going to or not.

      Missionaries aren't allowed to do sealings, so if I'm going to do some it would have to be soon. I'm still of the belief that missionaries would be better missionaries if they knew and understood the purpose of the sealing room before they went on their missions, so I just have to decide for myself what I'm going to do.

    3. Thanks for this great post. I shared some of my favorite temple resources on this post. I think the talk by Elder Nelson may be my favorite...because the references he shared are the ones that led me to understand the temple more than anything else I had read.

      Also, if you haven't seen these two videos, they might be worth a look.

      As for sealings, even if you don't do marriages, you could participate in being proxy for a daughter being sealed to her parents. (Maybe you could even ask if you could just do that?) There is nothing to me quite like the Spirit in the sealing ordinances.


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