Caitlin: "Look. I drew little symbols for the religions on my chart."

She holds up a piece of paper. She places it back on her desk and stares at it for a moment. Then she looks up at me with a sly grin on her face. I brace myself for the Mormon joke of the day.

Caitlin: "Do Mormons have a symbol? Like, do they use the cross or something."

Me: "No. We celebrate the life of Christ, not his death."

Caitlin: "Oh."

I look away and sigh, grateful that the joke was innocent today.

Caitlin: "Look what I drew for Mormons."

I look at the paper. Under "Mormonism," she drew a bicycle.

I laughed myself all the way to AP Calculus.


  1. Lol!

    You could use an Angel Moroni--that seems to be the closest thing to a religious symbol that we have, though it probably isn't well recognized outside of the church.

  2. Haha, I've had that question asked to me as well... Many ask if the 'CTR' is our version of the cross.

    I was referred to your blog after reading a well-written piece on about the prejudice that Mitt Romney faces in his campaign for presidency and how it has affected you as a fellow mormon. -well done!

    Dont worry, Im in the middle of 'Happy Valley' Utah and the same topic is brought up all the time at school. There are even some hot debates at BYU about supporting Romney. ...its been quite entertaining indeed. I got to meet Gov. Romney a few weeks ago; the guy is flawless! He's everything Ive ever wanted in a President.

    Anyway, keep up the support for God and Country!

    Aaron Gunderson

  3. a bicycle - I absolutely love it. The only alternative that hits me is the classic beehive of Deseret - but I think I like the bicycle better. It has some cool symbolic meaning, but it makes me laugh, as well.

    Thanks for sharing - and tell your friend she was unintentionally profound. Maybe that will open a window to discuss why. I'm sure you can come up with multiple symbols that can be taken from a bicycle - perhaps including a bicycle companionship as a modern example of being yoked together in our quest for perfection. I won't try to think of any more now, but thanks, again, for the thought and the laugh.


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